DeFelice and Geller provide you with... 

A wealth of experience.

Our expert knowledge of campuses and their admission practices provides you with an informed, objective atmosphere.  We each have more than twenty years of experience helping teens identify and explore their options.


Flexibility and customization.

We are available at times other than the school year and school hours. We have the ability and the time to explore options for each client personally and individually.  

Student-focused processes.

Students often respond to the interest of an expert outside the family circle. We help students work productively and efficiently to make informed choices and develop paths to their goals. 

Before hiring an educational consultant, ask these questions:

  • Tell me about your background in working with students, consulting, and college admissions – how long have you been an ed consultant?        
  • How do you keep up with new trends, application changes, laws?
  • To what professional associations do you belong?
  • Do you ever accept compensation from a college? (The answer should be no!)
  • Do you guarantee admission to a school or a certain minimum dollar value in scholarship? (The answer should be no!)
  • Will you write and/or re-write essays for the student?  (The answer should be no!)
  • Will you use your personal contacts to get my child into a top college? (The answer should be no!) 

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Diane Geller, MA, CEP

Diane studied college student development at George Washington University and obtained a Master's degree in Human Resources Management from University of Redlands. She is a Certified Educational Planner and past President of the Independent Educational Consultants Association. Diane sees clients in Orange County & West LA.

Victoria DeFelice, MA


Victoria DeFelice received her Bachelor's degree in English from Stanford University and her Master's degree in Teaching from Harvard University. She is a former Beverly Hills High School English teacher. She sees clients in Orange County.