Wondering what colleges think about students who take a gap year? Know you want to take one but can’t figure out how to go about finding something of interest?

Many students want a year to discover or explore a passion, are looking for a break from academics, or wish to have a new experience while recharging their batteries.  

Whether it is volunteering in an orphanage, teaching disadvantaged students, sailing around the world, or exploring life in another country, we will help students learn about gap years – what they are, why to take one, and how to find appropriate programs.    

Transition Programs and Bridge Advising

For young adults who are not yet ready for the academic or social life of a traditional college experience, we will help identify transition programs for developing independence, strengthening academic skills, and finding pathways to productive and fulfilling lives. 


The decision to transfer from one college to another or to return to college after an interruption is one of the most important educational decisions a young adult will make. 

Students who are interested in transferring college will learn how it’s done, what options are available, and how to approach applications.