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Our high school consulting sessions include an individual, personal review of courses and grades, standardized testing options and schedules, extracurricular activities, community service, special talents, and summer plans. We will focus on what colleges look for and how to find good matches, help your student research options, explore or discover special talents, address learning issues, and develop a preliminary list of colleges to consider. Students receive specific suggestions and advice for strengthening their personal profiles and keeping doors open in the college admission process. 

The Senior Process is our comprehensive, personalized program of assistance for college bound high school seniors. We help in all phases of the application process.

In addition to compiling a comprehensive list of potentially rewarding college options, we guide students in all phases of the application process including creation of activities resumes, preparing for interviews, and obtaining recommendations.  We assist with developing and reviewing essays – from brainstorming topics to rough drafts to final review. 

Below is a list of the services provided during our Senior Process.

  • Compile a comprehensive list of potentially rewarding college options
  • Assist in identifying programs such as Fine Arts and Athletics
  • Assist in selecting final list of colleges
  • Discuss early action/early decision options
  • Discuss special circumstances
  • Assist in all phases of the application process including:
    • prioritized lists: activities, honors, work and summer experience
    • campus visits: how to research and plan,  maps, rating charts, tips, scheduling
    • interviewing: strategies and practice
    • recommendations: whom to ask and how to make them count
    • transcripts and test scores: how to obtain, forward and confirm
    • essays: assist with appropriate topics, style, technique, tone, format and editing
    • final review of applications
    • discuss admission results as well as strategies for waitlists and appeals